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HIS Hair Clinic is owned and managed by Ian Watson CEO & Co-Founder and Ranbir Rai-Watson Co-Founder, an innovative duo who are dedicated and passionate hair loss experts, specialising in both hair loss for men, Ian and hair loss for women, Ranbir

HIS Hair Clinic was originally set up by Ian and Ranbir to help treat men, hence the name HIS Hair Clinic. However, overtime many women have benefited from SMP therefore HIS Hair has transitioned with Ian now heading up the male hair loss division and Ranbir predominantly looking after our female clients in her role as CEO and Founder of Hair Loss For Women. ( That said don’t be surprised if you see Ranbir at a consultation or in one of our HIS Hair Clinics because she is still very much involved in HIS Hair, “I love HIS and always will but I felt a strong desire to create a new environment where women can receive professional advice and be seen privately by a woman, I believe this is very important as Ian did all those years ago when we setup HIS Hair Clinic for men.

Over the last 14 years HIS Hair Clinic has developed and mastered a viable alternative hair loss solution known internationally as Scalp MicroPigmentation or SMP for short, created an international reputation for excellence and established a worldwide network of hair loss clinics. To those who don’t know anything about SMP, it was developed as a very successful camouflage technique to disguise hair loss. SMP is an artistic way of recreating receded hairlines, creating the look of increased density to thinning hair and concealing scars predominately caused by hair transplants / hair restoration.

Over this period of time HIS Hair Clinic have set up 15 clinics worldwide and added additional franchised clinics whilst developing excellent relationships with a number of the worlds leading Doctors and physicians at the very forefront of the hair loss industry. If you have read our HIStory in the making page you will know that SMP was specifically developed more than 14 years ago by Ian and Ranbir to treat Ian’s Alopecia areata and general male pattern baldness (MPB). Back then the quality of hair transplant surgery wasn’t where it is today, hair transplant techniques have evolved from leaving large linear strips on the back of the head known as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) to advances of being able to take individual hair follicles known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) with the finished results being by far superior than they originally were. Ian actually considered all the hair loss options back then but concluded non were suitable, hence why Ian and Ranbir created SMP and the first ever SMP procedure was performed by Ranbir directly to Ian’s scalp. However as is in any industry life moves on and technology advances so does the hair loss industry and so does HIS Hair Clinic, that’s why the Co-Founders have moved their hair loss clinics and the solutions they offer to meet the ever increasing demands of their customers worldwide.


HIS Hair Clinic was previously viewed as a predominately male orientated business offering one solution for hair loss, Scalp MicroPigmentation. However in order to provide the very best advice and treatment to all hair loss sufferers Hair Loss For Women was launched and HIS Hair Clinic now offers all major hair loss solutions.

HIS Hair Clinic fully appreciate and respect that SMP isn’t for everyone because SMP does have it limitations because after all it’s not real hair, it’s an illusion albeit a very convincing one. SMP is perfect for clients who want to shave down or closely clip or buzz their hair close, it’s a perfect solution for those individuals who are typically a Norwood Scale 7, it’s a fantastic cosmetic way of concealing residual scars from hair transplant surgery and it’s very affordable for those who can’t afford surgery, people who don’t have sufficient donor hair, or simply don’t want to incur ongoing monthly costs for the rest of their life with their existing hair loss solution. SMP is also ideal as a permanent concealment treatment for female hair loss as women generally have defused thinning across the entire head. Scalp MicroPigmentation can successfully eliminate the contrast between the thinning areas on the scalp and any remaining hair.

HIS Hair Clinic are in a very unique position because between the Co-Founders they have both personally tried and tested all the major hair loss solutions they offer and as such have specialist knowledge of trying out the solutions which include: Scalp MicroPigmentation SMP, hair transplant surgery, laser therapy (LLLT) mesotherapy and all the major hair loss products such as Minoxidil, Propecia / Finasteride, DHT blockers, herbal tablets, DermaRollers, ACELL and PRP combination treatment.The major strengths Ian and Ranbir bring to their network of clinics is their specialist expertise, over a decade of clinical trials, product knowledge, excellent levels of customer service skills and their integrity and honesty built over the last 14 years. If people know anything about the hair loss industry they will know it’s full of people trying to pray on people’s vulnerability, this is not and never will be the case at HIS Hair Clinic or Hair Loss For Women. Some people such as hard core SMP fans may think we have sold out by being the innovators of SMP and now offering other hair loss options, well we say we have simply moved with the times and want our clients to get the very best advice, very best treatment and very best outcome to meet their personal requirements, for some people that will certainly be SMP but for others it may not be, it’s a simple as that!

We both look forward to personally meeting you, giving you the very best independent advice and ultimately helping you with your decision to improve your hair loss situation.

Ian Watson CEO & Co-Founder HIS Hair Clinic
Ranbir Rai-Watson Co-Founder HIS Hair Clinic CEO & Founder of Hair Loss For Women

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