Why Get Listed on 10Clinics.com

Your next patient is very close to you. But with the availability of hundreds of similar service providers out there they get stuck in a loop where they can’t make an informed decision.

That’s where 10Clinics comes in to clear out all these confusions and offers patients only the 10 best clinics in each specialty.

By being part of 10Clinics you will:

  1. Contribute in helping patients find their way to you easily.
  2. Get the privilege of being on the list of the 10 Top clinics/doctors in your domain.
  3. Increase your online visibility.

This way the process of selecting the right place for patients is now made simple and they can get their medical/cosmetic treatment done at one of the top clinics.

Our Clinics/Doctors Selection Criteria


Our selection for clinics/doctors doesn’t come randomly. It’s rather based on some core criteria that any professional and experienced clinic should have.

When we select clinics/doctors, we spend a good time making an extensive comparison with other clinics/doctors in terms of:

  1. Experience.
  2. Doctor’s qualifications.
  3. Accreditation by Ministry of Health.
  4. Medical affiliations and board-certification.
  5. Verified Patients’ reviews.
  6. Before/After.
  7. Hygiene.
  8. Active in conferences.
  9. Contribution to scientific research.
  10. Success & satisfaction rate.


Want to be Part of 10clinics?


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