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Who’s Behind 10Clinics?

Get to know me more

Hello, my name is Ihlas Ali, the founder of I’m a Ph.D. student at Istanbul University. I hold a master degree in Business Administration with focus on hair transplant clinics in Istanbul from Suleyman Demirel University in Turkey.

I have 6 years’ experience in health tourism in Istanbul. Throughout these years I have helped 400+ patients in their quest for the best clinic and I will be here to help you as well in finding your best match.

Born of “Necessity is the Mother of Invention“

10Clinics was born to help every human on earth find the best clinic with the most affordable costs. 10clinics’ foundation is based on integrity, credibility and confidentiality. We are today growing up to be the most trusted access to healthcare services for every human everywhere.

How 10Clinics Work?

10Clinics brings you the most professional and the 10 top clinics in each major treatment including plastic surgery, hair transplant, dental treatments, and more. With our strict selection process for clinics and doctors, we ascertain you that there will be no room for low-quality service providers. Our team of experts with more than 10 years of experience, spend months studying and comparing between clinics to filter out any clinic that doesn’t meet the following criteria:

  1. Experience.
  2. Doctor’s qualifications.
  3. Accreditation by Ministry of Health.
  4. Patients’ reviews.
  5. Before/After.
  6. Hygiene.
  7. Active in conferences.
  8. Scientific research.
  9. Success & satisfaction rate.
  10. Medical affiliations.